Sunday, 19 April 2015

Sunday's Little Blessings

Hello Friends,

As promised, I have another digi for you today. I hope you like it.

Hugs & smiles,

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Something Very Different to Post

Hello Friends,

Today I have something different to share with you.

Our sweet dog Kaeli has a degenerative neurological condition that has taken away much of her mobility. We spent a painful week discussing & exploring options with our vet and as a family. We also used that time to pray for Kaeli and for wisdom in what to do. If we believed she was suffering, the logical next step would be to put her down. There was also the issue of repeated back and shoulder strain for Kaeli's humans as we needed to lift her back end in order for her to move or even relieve herself.

One of the things we did was to ask for prayer support. We took Kaeli to our local Grace Healing Room where the team was very loving, as always, and happy to pray for our little girl.

One of the team said, “There’s a lot of life left in that dog.” That rang with so much truth in our hearts, it solidified our decision to do what we could to keep Kaeli with us and improve her quality of life.

The following day, our vet prescribed a steroid medication and we start searching for the right wheelchair. By the evening of the first day on medication, Kaeli was able to walk around a little, something she had not been able to do for weeks.

The first company we approached seemed to have excellent products, but not very good customer service. Both were important as this is all new to us. We needed someone to walk us through figuring out the best equipment and proper size for our girl.

Andrew at Handicapped Pets was superbly knowledgeable about all of the products. He was over-the-top helpful and put me completely at ease. Kaeli's Walkin' Wheels cart arrived in just a week from ordering, faster than expected.

Below is a You Tube video of Kaeli's first walk in her new cart. You can see that her tail is wagging the entire time, even though that was not her habit in the past. She is over-the-moon happy to have her mobility back. Her front legs were becoming bowed from taking the brunt of her weight. The cart alleviates that and helps her to have a more normal gait in the back as well.