Friday, September 19, 2014

Gift for a Dear Man

Hello Friends,

Recently a dear man in our church, who has enjoyed excellent health his whole 78 years of life, suddenly fell ill. He had numerous (close to 30) heart attacks, literally dying many times. Each time the team was able to revive him, but he was left with dead, blackened limbs. Once he was strong enough for surgery, the painful limbs were amputated. He was left with one hand and a thumb.

You can imagine how we felt on hearing the news and going to visit him in the hospital for the first time. We went to cheer him up, but dear Albert actually encouraged us.

The Lord had shown him, in a vision, that by accepting the surgery and its results he would be able to help very many people; much more than if God simply healed him. Then the Lord allowed him to choose - healing or the loss of his limbs. This dear saint chose the latter, for the love of his fellow man. He is more assured of God's love for him than ever and remains full of joy and peace, as is his family too.

My son asked me to read Psalm 71 to Albert on our visit. Albert said, "I think that Psalm will be my theme for this time in my life." On the way home my son & husband suggested I make some kind of gift for Albert with Psalm 71.

Since it is a rather long chapter, I took only a portion and added it to an older painting that I touched up. Then I framed it and added to the glass a little wooden crown I decorated. I apologize for the glare and reflection on the glass.
Sometimes the road to glory is paved in darkness and seems to have no end.
I hope you have been touched and encouraged by dear Albert's story today. God is good. All the time. Even when we don't understand.

Blessing hugs,

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Here in Your Love

Hello again,

In my last two posts I shared some art I made at some special church services two weeks ago. You can read about them here and here.

On the following Sunday morning, at my own church, a picture of a flower came to my mind during worship. I started to draw it, not understanding at all what it meant. I am learning to put my logical mind to rest when I am creating, knowing that I can fully trust myself to Precious Holy Spirit.

The flower rested serenely with its petals unfurled, basking in Heaven's Light. It wasn't until near the end of the service, when the speaker asked the worship team to return for a final song, that I understood the meaning of the vision.

The worship team sang over and over, "No place I would rather be than here in Your Love." I was the flower, basking in God's magnificent love. Oh, how He loves me. Oh, how He loves you.

Blessing hugs,

Word Art Wednesday

Calling All Davids

Two weekends ago I went to some special church meetings where the guest speaker was a prophet of God. I took my art bag with dry medium - pencils, Prisma Colour pencils and Prismacolor art sticks.

On the first night I felt the Presence of God as a lion. His face was huge, like Aslan of Narnia. He felt so warm & soft and seemed about to kiss me. I started to draw a lion, but the drawing turned into more of a lion-man. You can see the post here. That was Friday, September 5.

Just before the Saturday meeting began I started softly scribbling with my Prisma art sticks. I had no picture in mind, but a face suggested itself to me on the page. I literally began tracing what my imagination was seeing. I had a sense that the young man I was drawing was King David when he was still a shepherd boy. Imagine my surprised delight when the guest speaker started reading about David when he was still a shepherd boy, just come to King Saul's palace. David was known as a warrior and king, but also as a passionate worshipper of God. The guest speaker began leading us in singing, "Calling all Davids" as a prophetic cry for true worshippers of God to rise up. I added that phrase to my drawing.

I later added the musical notes and circles of fire to represent passionate worship of God.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. If some of what I have said is confusing to you I would be glad to answer your questions. Just leave a comment and I will send you a reply.

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A couple of weeks ago, during a special church service, I felt the presence of the Lord as a lion. I started to draw a lion, but as the drawing progressed it became more of a lion-man. The next morning, as I coloured it with Prisma pencils, I felt that I should give it to the guest speaker at the meeting that evening. I prayed for a scripture to go with the drawing and added it to the top.
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