Friday, July 25, 2014


Hello Friends,

On Journal Workshops the challenge this week is "Revisitation". The idea is to take an old journal page (or piece of art) and change it in some way, subtle or drastic.

Earlier this week I shared two intuitive art pieces that I finger-painted with Gelatos at a conference last weekend. At that time I figured they were finished. Here they are again.

I knew the paintings were connected, but the backgrounds were not alike, nor were the images similar in colour. I also wanted to add a scriptural interpretation since I believe these were inspired by God as they were created out of my worship.

About mid-week, after praying and also asking for insight from a few friends, I was ready to revisit these paintings.

First, if they were going to be the two-page layout I was after, I had to punch binder holes on the left of the bride page. Then I created masks for the two images and created matching backgrounds in acrylic paints. It was hard to cover the original background in the bride page (I loved it), but I knew I wouldn't be able to duplicate it. I also needed colours that would compliment both paintings and pull them together.
I camouflaged the original holes on the bride page with sequins and added flourishes, which I duplicated on the other page.

I added detail to the baby and the rest of the image. I used Prisma pencils, paint, markers, pens - pretty much anything that found its way into my hands.
I used yellow Prisma pencils and white paint around the image and added some white glitter on top of the left side.

While I kind of miss the original background on the bride painting, I think the end result of the two pages together is much better. It was Jennibellie's challenge, and the others who have risen to it, that gave me the courage to mess with the original paintings that I liked so well. Now I like them even better.

Thank you for stopping by. If you are interested to know more about these paintings and the meaning behind them, feel free to send me a personal e-mail at

Blessing hugs,

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Intuitive Art

I recently came across an article on "Intuitive Painting". While not exactly the same, it reminded me of how I started painting. I put on inspirational music and began stroking on colour as I sang and danced in worship. I had no picture or goal in mind. Soon a colorful bird began to appear on my page and a face blowing the wind that lifted its wings.

This past weekend our church had a conference three evenings in a row. On the 2nd night I packed my Gelatos and a few cereal box journal pages prepared with Gesso. Let me say right here and now -- I LOVE Gelatos!

Much the same as I created that very first painting, this bride appeared under my Gelato-covered fingers. I was surprised to discover her and even more surprised to see that she was pregnant.

Gelato finger painting enhanced with white acrylic paint.
Gold embossing powder to create a crown
I did an art piece on Saturday night that I gave away. In Sunday morning's service I finger-painted an embryo with Gelatos.

This evening I set out to enhance this painting with a bit of white paint as it seemed too flat to me. I put on worship music as I worked, as I normally do. I was thrilled and stunned by what developed under my own fingers and brush strokes.
I could not have imagined this lady of fire
I dabbed on white to add a glow at the top of the placenta/hair.
Something like large hands seem to envelope the child.

Now when I look at the original painting I can see the details on the finished product in my mind's eye, but it was not there when I started. This is the idea of intuitive painting. You release your mind from over-thinking and let your instincts take charge. I also believe that by submitting myself to God in worship, I open myself up to the Spirit of creativity that resides in Him.

I am so glad you have visited me today.

Blessing hugs,

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

No Fear in Art - Part Two

Hello Friends,

If you saw my original post - "No Fear in Art" - you know that particular phrase comes from my artistic mentor, Lucie Bellemare. Whenever I am afraid to attempt something new I repeat those words to myself. I remind myself that my art is in a state of process. It is an expression of myself and my skills at this time. It is part of my artistic journey of discovery and the journey is mine to enjoy. And if that doesn't erase the fear, I do it scared.

Under-painting of horse
Once I traced the outline of the horse I did an under-painting. This is kind of tricky because the original sketch is of a black horse and I want to make mine white.

Original artwork - NOT MINE
Then I decided that I want the head to face forward a bit; not in profile like in the sketch. I chose another clipped picture and blew it up so I could trace it onto my horse's body.

I painted over my horse's head with gesso.
Mistakes 1 & 2
My first mistake was in trying to line up and trace the new head onto the body. I decided to trace it separately and then paste it on afterward. My 2nd mistake was that I traced on too much detail.

I traced another head with minimum detail.
Attempting to highlight some areas on the body.
The original sketch I used was not very detailed so I highlighted with gesso some areas that I thought should stand out. I wish I could have used a photo, but Prince Edward Island is a little short on real winged horses at the moment.

At this point, my artist friends are probably shaking their heads or laughing them off. But that's okay. This is my journey. If I stumble and falter along the way, but don't give up, I will gradually improve and learn from my mistakes.

Thank you for taking this journey with me today. If I have inspired you, I would love to hear about it. If you have suggestions to help me in my artistic journey, I would dearly love to learn from you.

Blessing hugs,

Monday, July 14, 2014

Painted Sticker Card

Hello Friends,

Yesterday I showed you a set of stickers my son surprised me with - just because. I made a round easel card with one of the owl stickers in the set. Next I used the tree sticker to make a card.

I really liked the form of the tree, but I didn't care for its dead state. It needed some colour in my opinion AND some leaves.

I used Gelatos on watercolor paper for my background, markers on the trunk & branches; then added foliage with acrylic paints.

This tree put me in mind of a favorite scripture, which is perfect for the recipient.

The inside
Green & blue Gelatos around the border
Gold & pink Gelatos for the 'crown'
I am pleased with how this turned out
A friend recently warned me that Gelatos could be addictive. Too late, NC. I'm hooked now. :)

Thanks for visiting me today. I hope I have inspired you in some way.

Blessing hugs,

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